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Monday, January 24, 2011

Poem Response to the poem in Class "Please Don't take my Air Jordans" by Reg. E. Gaines

That Kid

That kid...
That kid he scary
That kid think he cool
That kid ain't got no real friends
its just about looks

Deep down I knows that
he good

He don't mean what he do
he don't really got no choice
his mommas on the run
his papa's beatin' on him

That kid
He hurt
He hurt real bad

That kid...
he shot me
That kid...
He took my shoes

That kid...
he done kill'd me
That kid...
He don't care
NOW he needs a
new jacket
to wear

I wrote my poem from the eyes of the kid that had gotten shot. I interpreted it as the kid who had gotten shot went to the same school as the kid who shot him. Basically this kid is telling how he sees the other kid and how he thinks hes acting. [kinda confusing i know]

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