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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Charlotte's Web, My response

          Something I noticed in the book was that Wilbur was too quick to judge Charlotte. Wilbur fist met Charlotte, well really when he had his first encounter with Charlotte was on page 31. Charlotte tells Wilbur that she had been watching him all day and for quite some time; she really liked him. Charlotte offered to be Wilbur's friend.Although Charlotte made Wilbur wait until the morning to show Wilbur who she was Wilbur was still excited to meet her. He was restless all night constantly waking up but he still waited. For once the barn was quiet. I think that Wilbur was excited because of this mystery figure wanting to be his friend. I know I would have been super excited and super hyper if I was in Wilbur's situation.
        The next day on page 35 Charlotte finally introduced herself to Wilbur. She comes off as kind and loving. One thing I noticed about Charlotte's character is that she's always kind and loving to Wilbur throughout the whole book, even to the very moment of her death. She doesn't seem to want to do anyone any harm.Wilbur was happy that he finally got to meet Charlotte and he's happy that he made a new friend. Or so we think, Wilbur actually is processing Charlotte's character through his mind to see if she is 'worthy' of his friendship this is another thing that I noticed about the book.
        When Charlotte introduces herself Wilbur is absolutely fascinated with her. He's fascinated that she's a very tiny grey spider no bigger than the size of a gumdrop. Wilbur is in complete awe of Charlotte and he tells her how beautiful he thinks she is. They're going off really well and having a great time when Charlotte demonstrates to Wilbur how she catches flies in her web and how she traps them to eat them. Wilbur is no longer in awe of her but looking at Charlotte as a blood thirsty creature. Even though that Wilbur dislikes files so much it's almost as if he loathes them he feels sorry for the one that Charlotte is turning into her breakfast. I think that this part of the book really shows Wilbur's innocence and ignorance to the real world and how there are other creatures out there that have to do some pretty gruesome things in order to survive. I personally think that Wilbur should be grateful that Charlotte is not lying to Wilbur and she's not trying to hide her true nature she does what she has to do to survive she has to live too. Wilbur thinks that when Charlotte kills flies and drinks their blood and likes it that, it automatically makes Charlotte a blood thirsty killer. At least in my opinion Charlotte was kind enough to put the fly to sleep before she ate it, it's not like Charlotte chose who she wanted to be or what her diet was. I think that Wilbur was too quick to judge her. 
              I think that Wilbur was too quick to judge her because he feels that based on Charlotte's diet and her life style that, that's what makes her who she is. Wilbur is absolutely disgusted by Charlotte's diet. I think that Wilbur should have really thought about his actions before he did them because Wilbur is a pig, literally. Wilbur eats table scraps and garbage and sleeps in a huge pile of cow manure. He shouldn't judge Charlotte like that. I can relate to this situation because in the sixth grade I only started out with two friends and I had to take a chance to gain them first. When I first met my best friend Kamillah I thought that she was weird and out of place but then I thought to myself that's no way to treat people. It's not right to judge people by their appearance it's what's on the inside that counts. I realize this now because I took a chance with Kamillah and she turned out to be a really nice person and now she's one of my closest friends; I'm really happy that I took  a chance with Kamillah. Everyone has to take a chance at least every day. Later on in the book Wilbur realizes that Charlotte really wants to be his friend, and that she only wants to help him, because after all Wilbur is a pig and bacon comes from pigs, she truly does not want her friend to be the Zuckerman's next breakfast.  Wilbur took a chance and I took a chance sadly Charlotte passed away protecting her babies, my friend however is still very much alive.  
         This is how I thought that Wilbur was too quick to judge Charlotte, and I was too quick to judge Kamillah.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just an Every day routine

Just another ordinary day and I come home from school. I throw my books on the floor,greet my grandma,and greet my grandpa. I sit down and have a quick snack.
"How was your day at school?"she asks.
"Fine I guess," I mumble under my breath.
I guess you could say that I'm not the most cheerful person after a long day at school. Especially on Wednesdays when I have SHSAT Prep classes from 4:30 to 7pm. I mean who wants to be bothered by an adult when you come home right? So usually after that I'll start on my homework and halfway through it I'll get bored and pick up my book. So I'll sit there and read for hours on end and my mom will yell at me from the other room telling my to stop reading. I think that I'm the only kid on the planet who's mom tells them to actually STOP reading. Crazy right? Some people think that reading brings families closer together, well that may work for them but not for me, and I'll tell you the truth, reading can also break up families...kinda. It can break up families because when you read you go to your own little world am I right? Right. So most people do not enjoy reading the same as others. I am the only one in my family who loves to read books about vampires, I don't really know why but I find them to be very interesting. Okay, so, I love to read romance/realistic fiction/ fantasy, compared to my family who love to read mystery, and adventure. I mean not that I'm trying to imply that I hate those genres but they're just not my cup of tea. So I read what I like in my own little corner/world while my family is bonding with each other. I guess I'm a loner, which is kind of true because I really do not liked to be bothered when I'm doing something. But, anyway, this is basically how I am when I'm reading, you can say I'm sort of a reading fanatic. If I could I think that I would make a school dedicated to reading, and we would read all day and have book discussions and such. But that's just my opinon on it.