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Monday, January 24, 2011

Poem Response to the poem in Class "Please Don't take my Air Jordans" by Reg. E. Gaines

That Kid

That kid...
That kid he scary
That kid think he cool
That kid ain't got no real friends
its just about looks

Deep down I knows that
he good

He don't mean what he do
he don't really got no choice
his mommas on the run
his papa's beatin' on him

That kid
He hurt
He hurt real bad

That kid...
he shot me
That kid...
He took my shoes

That kid...
he done kill'd me
That kid...
He don't care
NOW he needs a
new jacket
to wear

I wrote my poem from the eyes of the kid that had gotten shot. I interpreted it as the kid who had gotten shot went to the same school as the kid who shot him. Basically this kid is telling how he sees the other kid and how he thinks hes acting. [kinda confusing i know]

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wishing You were here [ Important incedent Poem ]

I cry
to sleep
every night

"Why?" I ask...
why did you have
to go so soon.

You were always
there for me
when I
needed you

Friends for eternity...
Where did

I just wish
you were here
Instead of
Up there

I wish it could
be me
and not you
who had
to go.

I miss you.

My poem Response to Waiting for you by Susane Colsanti

Waiting for you  by Me

Anticipation is all I feel.
I wait for your eyes to
lock with mine
and see
how I really feel.

You're my other half
I don't know how
I could ever live without

This is

Back then...
All I could do
was search
for something
When what
I wanted...
what I needed
Was infront of me all along

You are my
Best Friend.
You are my

You always
Made me laugh.
You always
Put a smile on my face.

I was always
waiting for the
right guy to come
Really you
were right here
all along

I never thought
That I could love you
Really love you
that night

It was prom.
You asked me to dance.
I said yes.

Then we left
We went to
our usual

You played our song
and we
danced under the

That was the night
when everything
put itself together again

The waiting was over
I fell in love.
With you.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Poem Response to the poem in Class "What is poetry"

What is poetry?  written by...ME!

Poetry is Life
Every living thing
It depends on how you interpret it

Poetry comes from the
Smallest of things...
The smallest pebble...
The Smallest seashell
found along
the beach's shore
A single sunset.
Or .
A light's glow.

Poetry is your mind.
Whatever you create.
It's yours to enjoy.

Poetry is..
 A Dream.

Poetry is you.
You are poetry.

Poetry is your
Your personal
way of

Poetry is a release.
It is a mental release.
Take all of your
Problems and
Let them flow away
Onto a paper.
Your poem.

Poetry is a toy.
You can play
with it!
Be creative.
There are
No rules.
No bindings.
No restrictions.

Life changing.

Response to a Painting/Photo.

    I chose a painting of Mairlyn Monroe by Andy Warhol. The reason why I chose Marilyn Monroe is because I think that she's very pretty, also because she is very famous for 'The 7th itch'.  Most people know her by the photos of her above a manhole with her dress up.
   My observations of this painting was :
She's wearing diamond earings, she is leaning against a wall (Or so she appears to be doing). She's also wearing red lipstick and a strapless red dress.  I also noticed that she seemed to be looking at something or someone in a rather flirty way. I thought that the painting was absolutely stunning, even though it is not her best this one is still outstanding.
    Some infrences/ interpretations that I made were:
She might be posing for a picture [paparazzi], she might be going out with friends, she might be going to a party. She could also be going on a date. Here's the thing about art, alot of people see it in different ways, so it could be interperated in different ways. In my mind there are alot of possiablilties to go with this painting, way too many to count actually.