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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Media / News Immersion, My Response

              One social problem that I found was littering and animal abuse. Many people are abusing animals and our environment without even knowing it. One single paper littered on the floor, one small candy wrapper that could have been thrown in the trash. Every small piece of litter destroys a forest, and in turn, the animals in that forest die, when those animals die, we slowly kill our planet, and the balance of life is out of place. I found that the more people littler carelessly and the more people just forget to do the simplest things like throw your trash away, recycle, turn off the light before you leave the room, destroys our planet. The time for action is now, our generation's lives are at risk and we don't have much time before there are no more landfills to fill and no more street space to throw our trash and no room to walk or enjoy a clean clear breath of air. These are some of the things that the teens and kids of our generation will not get to enjoy anymore because people were too careless to throw that one piece of trash in the garbage, or unplug that phone charger when you're away at school or work. Make a change in our world be the first one to stop the killing of our planet, tell your family and friends to throw their trash away, live in a recycling house, shut the light when you leave the room, unplug chargers or electronics when not in use. SAVE OUR PLANET TODAY! ALL IT TAKES IS A SIMPLE ACT OF KINDNESS!  I found a song that truely sends out a strong meaning, to listen to it click the link --> The Disney Artists come together to sing this wonderful song, I think they did a fantastic job. Hope you enjoy!