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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Romeo+Juliet The movie!

                     I recently just finished watching the movie Romeo+Juliet starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes and John Leguizamo.  The movie was a modern version of the original Romeo and Juliet, the lines were altered to make more sense of the Shakespearean speech.  I thought that the movie didn't make any sense at all when I first started to watch it, but then as the movie progressed it got really good and easy to understand. 
                  When I watched the movie some of the things that I noticed were that when they did the scene of the street fights it took place at a gas station and they used guns instead of swords.  I also noticed that during the movie that Merqutio was gay, I'm not sure of this but that is how he was portrayed to me. 
                   I thought that the whole Romeo and Juliet story was amazing but also crazy at the same time because all of this took place in the time lapse of three whole days.
                   Day one was when he met Juliet at the Capulet party, which in this modern movie is portrayed as a costume party.  One thing that I noticed about the Capulet party was that compared to the older original version of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet didn't stand out because everyone was wearing costumes and dressed all crazy.  Another thing that I noticed was that Juliet was dressed up as an Angel and Tybalt was dressed as a Devil for the costume party.  Another thing about day one was that Romeo proposed to Juliet and she said yes.
                   Day two was when Romeo and Juliet went to the Friar and they got married and Juliet was promised to Lord Paris. 
               Day three is when Tybalt gets into a fight with Romeo, Merqutio jumps in and gets killed, Romeo kills Tybalt, Romeo is banished, Juliet takes a sleeping potion, Romeo buys poison when he finds out Juliet is "Dead", Romeo goes to see Juliet one last time, Romeo takes the poison, Juliet wakes up and yells at Romeo, Juliet shoots herself in the head, and they both die. 
          I thought that this movie was great and that it was definitely worth watching.  I thought that the characters were well written and that the way the director put a twist on the original movie was pretty cool as well.   I would definitely  recommend this book to anyone who likes to watch heart warming ,tragically romantic, comedy movies.

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